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Undergraduate Degree Program Model

The Values Statement, Mission Statement, and Educational Goals of Central Methodist University are pledges about the character of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the education it seeks to provide to all students. As these pledges make clear, the University understands education to be concerned with the formation of the self, not merely with providing information to an individual who is unchanged by it. Liberal education is formative as well as informative. At their best, both liberal arts education and education for professional preparation provide the intellectual knowledge, skills, and disciplines from which the student constructs his or her unique character as well as prepares for a career and for life.

The educational program described in the following pages is intended to fulfill the mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences by providing a curriculum that enables students to reach the Educational Goals of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences through acquiring the habits of mind, habits of heart, and habits of action that embody the good.   The development of such habits requires both knowledge and mental discipline in many fields of study. Habits of mind should move beyond knowledge toward wisdom. And wisdom requires an understanding that decisions and actions should be based on both knowledge and the will to do the good. Our curriculum is designed to help students make responsible life choices with deep concern for the common good.

General Degree Requirements

The BAcc, BA, BASM, BME, BS, BSN, BM, and BSE degrees require a minimum of 120 hours of credit. The AA and the AS degrees require a minimum 60 hours of credit.

Majors and Minors

Accounting - BAcc, minor
Allied Health - minor
Art - minor
Astronomy - courses
Athletic Training - BS
Biology - BA, BS, BSE, minor
Business - AS, BA, BS, minor
Chemistry - AS, BA, BS, minor
Child Development - BA, BS, minor
CMU-Prefix Courses
Communication - BA, BS, minor
Computer Science - BA, BS, minor
Criminal Justice - BA, BS, minor
    Early Childhood Education: BSE
    Elementary Education: BSE
    Middle School Education: BSE
    Secondary Certification: BA, BS
Educational Studies: BS
English - AA, BA, minor
Environmental Science - BA, BS, minor
Exercise Science - BA, BS
Foreign Languages - minor, courses
Geology - courses
Health Care Administration - BS
History - BA, BS, BSE, minor
Honors Program
Interdisciplinary Studies - AA, AS, BA, BS, minor
Mathematics - AS, BA, BS, minor
Military Science and Leadership - minor
Music and Music Education - BA, BMus,
BME, minor
Nursing -BS
Occupational Therapy Assistant - BOTA
Physical Education - BSE, minor
Physical Therapist Assistant - AS
Physics - BA, BS, minor
Political Science - BA, BS, minor
Psychology - AA, BA, BS, minor
Religion and Philosophy - BA, BS
Science and Earth Science - minor
Sociology - BA, BS, minor
Special Education: Mild–Moderate Disabilities - BSE
Sports Management - BS, minor
Theatre Arts - BS, BA, minor