Sports Management

The Bachelor of Science in Sports Management combines a dedicated group of courses in sports management, business and physical education with the combination of liberal arts courses. Coursework for the degree focuses on key business skills with specific application to the sports industry. A sports management major can expect to find careers as professional managers in areas such as sports marketing, sports media, amateur and professional athletics, nonprofit recreation programs and sports and entertainment event planning. Opportunities are available throughout the United States and globally.

Sports Management Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Management should be able to meet the following Divisional and University outcomes:


  • Actively be able to access and evaluate relevant information and then apply sports management knowledge, technical skills and professional competencies needed in order to make sound decisions.
  • Be able to express ideas through a variety of multimodal channels, (including both the written and spoken word) in a professional, engaged manner
  • Articulate, explain and compare the organizational elements, structure, performance, terminology, and delivery modalities for the U.S. and global sports management systems.


  • Demonstrate knowledge and create solutions through continuous development of the creative, critical thinking and problem solving skills that are needed within the sports management profession.
  • Explore career opportunities and critically evaluate principles and practices applied to global sports management solutions.
  • Analyze records, interpret variance and assess opportunities and risks, in order to make recommendations for action based on organizational goals.


  • Show a clear understanding of the microenvironment between the legal, economic, and social environments within the sports management profession.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of prescribed ethical codes, and behaviors and their value within both the workplace and society.
  • Understand team and individual management, organizational skills, supervision and coaching techniques to effectively lead across organization, department, and work group units to meet diverse stakeholder and organizational goals in a variety of sports management environments.
Majors and Minors

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Last updated: 08/07/2023