BA or BS in Religion and Church Leadership

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
in Religion and Church Leadership - Min. 120 Hours


General Education Requirements: 40-43 hours

Additional University Requirements: 6 hours

Religion and Church Leadership Major (31-33 Hours)

At least 27 hours need to be completed in the major beyond any credits counted towards General Education requirements.

Required Courses (Complete 16-18 hours from the following):

RL201 Old Testament (3)

RL202 New Testament (3)

RL203 Exploration in Christian Thought (3)

RL205 Introduction to Church Leadership (3)

RL268/368 Internship and Field Experiences (1-3)

RL480 Religion Capstone (3)


Religion Electives (Choose 6 hours from the following):

RL225 Philosophy of Religion (3)

RL290/390 Special Topics (1-5)

RL260/360 Special Problems (1-3)

RL301 Mission and Message of Jesus (3)

RL302 Paul and the Early Church (3)

RL303 The Prophets (3)

RL310 Biblical Literature & the Ancient World (3)

RL331OL History of Christianity I (3)

RL332OL History of Christianity II (3)

RL335 History of American Methodism (3)

RL/PL340 Topics in Comparative Religion and Philosophy (3)

*Students may also take RL Special Topics or Special Problems courses to fulfill these requirements.


12 hours of additional courses will be divided between:

Communication & Management (6) - Course will be selected to enhance creation, promotion, and maintenance of ministry programs.

Ethics & Social Sciences (6) - Courses will be selected to promote thoughtful and ethical leadership, guidance, and instruction in ministry programs.

A minimum of 15 hours within the major must be at the 300-level.  

Electives to complete min. 120 hours

Last updated: 08/07/2023