Professional Writing and Publications

The Professional Writing & Publication program equips students with a valuable skill set in content-creation. Students focus their studies on the writing process, exploring and composing in multiple genres and modalities while gaining experience in the publication professions. The Professional Writing & Publication major prepares students for careers in creative writing, journalism, editing, publishing, technical/business writing, and many other professions that require strong communication skills and creative minds.

Program Outcomes

Students will...

  • gain proficiency in the research, writing, and revision process.
  • analyze and evaluate language, rhetoric, and discourse.
  • compose effective texts in multiple genres and modalities.
  • demonstrate social and ethical responsibilities of professional writers.
  • garner experience in the writing and publication industries.
Majors and Minors

Major Minor

BA in Professional Writing and Publication Writing and Publication Minor
Last updated: 08/07/2023