Clinical Education I

This is a full time 4 week (40 hours/week) clinical education experience designed to allow students to apply hands on patient care. Students will be expected to integrate acquired knowledge and basic assessment, data collection and intervention skills to the clinical setting. The student will work under the direction and supervision of an approved licensed physical therapy professional. Students will apply professional behaviors to the professional setting. Skills learned in Essential Skills, Introduction to Physical Therapy, Kinesiology, Modalities, and Therapeutic Exercise will be practiced. Students must successfully complete all lab practical examinations and skills checks from previous PTA courses to progress to the clinical.

Credit hours: 4.0


  • PTA102 - Kinesiology for the PTA
  • PTA103 - Modalities for the PTA
  • PTA104 - Functional Human Anatomy
  • PTA200 - Therapeutic Exercise

Additional Prerequisites / Conditions:

Last updated: 08/07/2023