BMus with Cert. in Vocal or Choral Music

Bachelor of Music Education (vocal/choral emphasis) 

The requirements for the Bachelor of Music Education degree are designed to prepare students to teach music in the Missouri public schools. In addition to meeting state certification requirements in vocal or instrumental music, students may elect to pursue an additional endorsement in the area not represented in initial certification. Satisfactory completion of the BME degree will also prepare students for success in public performance and graduate study.

The Bachelor of Music Education student (1) must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 overall; a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the content area; a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the professional education sequence; (2) must pass the MoGEA examination or have qualifying ACT score, the state qualifying exam in content area, the state performance assessment, and the piano proficiency examination.  Further information is posted on the Education catalog page.

General Education Requirements: 37-39 hours 

Courses required for the major may simultaneously fulfill requirements of the general education program.  Credit hours may not be double counted.

Additional Degree Requirements:  6 hours

Music major Requirements: 58-66 Hours

Music Academic Core Requirements (29 hours) 

MU117 Aural Skills I (1) 
MU120 Music Theory I (3) 
MU118 Aural Skills II (1) 
MU220 Music Theory II (3) 
MU217 Aural Skills III (1) 
MU221 Music Theory III (3) 
MU219 Aural Skills IV (1) 
MU320 Music Theory IV (2) 
MU321 Music History I (3)
MU322 Music History II (3)
MU335 Instrumentation (2) OR MU337 Choral Arranging (2)
MU423 American Music (2) (Capstone)
MU465 Form and Analysis (2) (Capstone)
MU471 Composition I (2)

Principal Applied (14 hours)
Applied Lessons (13)   
MU010 Recital Attendance (0) – corequisite of Applied Lessons
MU492 Senior Recital (1) (Capstone)

Secondary Applied (4 hours)
Applied Guitar (1) OR Applied Piano (1)
Applied Guitar (1) OR Applied Piano (1)     
MU131    Piano (1) OR MLP___ Applied Piano (1)
MU132    Piano (1) OR MLP___ Applied Piano (1)

Techniques and Pedagogy (11 hours)
MU214   Basic Conducting (2)
MU235  Diction for Singers I (1)
MU236  Diction for Singers II (1)
MU237  Diction for Singers III (1)
MU314   Advanced Choral Conducting (2)
MU316   Choral Techniques (2)
MU324   Choral Literature (2)

Ensembles (0-8 hours):
Major Ensemble (0-8)
Must be enrolled in and successfully participate in a major ensemble each semester of full-time attendance

Professional Education Requirements: 23 Hours
ED101    Introduction to Teaching (2)
ED102    Introduction to Teaching Practicum (1)
ED105 Field Experience II (0)
ED369MU   Elementary School Music Methods (3)
ED370MV   The Teaching of Music in High School (2)
ED376    Methods and Materials for Teaching Music Classes (3)
ED462    Supervised Student Teaching (Capstone; 1 of 4 required) (8)       
ED471   Teaching Reading in the Secondary School (3)
PY210    Educational Psychology (3)
PY223    Developmental Psychology (3)
PY342    Psychology of the Exceptional Child (2)
PY343   Psychology of the Exceptional Child Practicum (1) (take concurrently with PY342)

Electives to complete minimum of 120 hours

Instrumental Endorsement (for additional preparation to teach instrumental music)

In addition to the course work required for the BME (instrumental):
MLX100/300 Applied Instrument (2)
Instrumental Ensemble (0-2, Minimum of two semesters)
MU122    String Techniques (1)
MU124    Percussion Techniques (1)
MU127    Trumpet Class (1)
MU128    Clarinet Class (1)
MU223    Woodwind Techniques (1)
MU225    Brass Techniques (1)
MU317    Advanced Conducting-Instrumental (2)
MU335    Instrumentation (2) 

Vocal Performance and Pedagogy Endorsement (for additional preparation for performance and studio teaching)

In addition to the course work required for the BME (vocal/choral):
MU060    Vocal Performance Workshop (0-8) [4-8 semesters of participation]
MU202    Opera and Music Theatre on DVD/Video (3)
MU375A Vocal Repertoire and Interpretation (2)
MU358D Vocal Pedagogy (2)
MU341    Advanced Diction (3)


Last updated: 08/07/2023