Military Science and Aerospace Studies

The Aerospace Studies Program

Central Methodist University has a cooperative arrangement with the U.S. Air Force which allows students to en-roll in Air Force ROTC courses offered at the University of Missouri-Columbia, while attending CMU on a full-time basis. This program allows students to qualify for a commission as a second lieutenant by the end of their Senior year. Classroom instruction is provided one day a week in conjunction with the leadership lab at the University of Missouri. Students are expected to maintain a grade point average of at least 2.5 to remain in the Air Force ROTC program. Various three-year and two-year scholarships are available for CMU students.

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) offers a number of opportunities for CMU students who wish to become commissioned officers in the U.S. Air Force. Job availability on completion of a degree includes pilot, navigator, security forces, intelligence officer, non-rated operations, and technical and non-technical positions of responsibility. Opportunities in the Air Force also are excellent for students in health related and legal professions. Jobs are available in over 30 non-technical career fields requiring backgrounds in personnel management, business, accounting, political science, criminal justice, as well as numerous other academic majors.

To enroll in the General Military Course (GMC), or Basic Course, students in the four-year program must register for Aerospace AS 110 (fall) or 120 (spring): The Foundation of the United States Air Force (2). Students in the three-year program may enroll concurrently in the Freshman and Sophomore classes, Aerospace Studies 110/120 and 210/220: The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power (2).

Students usually attend summer field training prior to their Junior year, before elevation into the Professional Officer Course (POC). Entrance into the POC, which is the last two years of AFROTC studies, is based on an extensive evaluation and selection process during the student's Sophomore year. Non-scholarship students are not obligated to military service until their Junior year.

Members of the POC receive an allowance of $450-$500 per month regardless of scholarship status. Cadets who complete the POC in good standing and earn degrees are commissioned as second lieutenants and serve on active duty for four or more years depending on their selected Air Force career.

Upon graduation and commissioning as an officer in the Air Force, students fulfill their military obligation by agreeing to retain their commission for four years active duty. Pilots incur a ten-year active duty commitment after completing undergraduate pilot training. Navigators incur an eight-year active duty commitment after completion of undergraduate navigator training.

For more information, contact Detachment 440, University of Missouri, at 573-882-7621.

Army ROTC (Reserve Officer’s Training Corps)

Army ROTC is an officer producing program that requires commitment from each cadet, but the rewards more than equal the effort of commitment.  All cadets will benefit from a greater understanding of our country, our military, and gain the confidence that comes with practical, demonstrated leadership skills.  Upon successful completion of the program and graduation, those students will commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.


All students who desire to enter the Army ROTC program must be United States citizens, be in good physical condition, and have high moral character. Students must be at least 17 years old to enroll and scholarship students cannot be more than 31 when they receive their commission. To be eligible for the program or compete for a scholarship, students must maintain a grade point average of 2.5, Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test and be medically qualified for military service.

In addition to academic and military training, Army ROTC students may participate in a variety of extracurricular activities including sports, adventure training, social events and community service. 

Students in the Army Reserve or National Guard

Army ROTC students who are members of the Army Reserve or Army National Guard units are eligible for financial benefits including the G.I. Bill, drill pay, and tuition assistance. These students can generally opt to stay with their unit after graduation or request an assignment in the Active Army. Reserve and National Guard officers attend one weekend drill per month and an annual two-week training period. In addition to the pay and benefits awarded, Reserve and National Guard officers are free to pursue a full-time civilian career. 

Program Requirements

The curriculum consists of classroom instruction and a weekly laboratory in which students receive leadership experience. The courses in military science and leadership are both academic and hands-on with most courses counting toward the student's degree requirements.

The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps academic program consists of:

  • A degree in the student's chosen academic subject
  • 12 to 22 credits in the Military Science and Leadership curriculum
  • An approved course in American military history

Students who earn a Bachelor's degree and a commission as a second lieutenant will serve as a platoon leader in one of several career fields including combat arms, engineering, aviation, signal operations, military intelligence, military police, logistics, medical service corps, and finance. For information, contact the University of Missouri, Army ROTC office at or 573-882-7721


Majors and Minors

Major Minor

Military Science and Leadership Minor
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