Mathematics Cert. at Secondary Level

BA or BS with Mathematics Certification at the Secondary Level - 120 Hours

General Education Requirements: 40-43 hours

Additional University Requirements: 6 hours

For more information, see the General Education Requirements section of the catalog.

Mathematics Major Requirements (33-36 Hours)

MA105  Elementary Statistics (3) if not taken in the Gen. Ed. Req.
MA118  Calculus and Analytic Geometry I (5)
MA209  Calculus and Analytic Geometry II (5)
MA317  Modern Algebra (4)
MA319  College Geometry (4)
MA322 Computers in the Mathematics Classroom (3)

Choose 1
MA202  Elements in Geometry (3)
MA318  Matrices and Linear Algebra (3)

9 more hours w/ at least 3 different courses
MA207  Discrete Math (3)
MA303  History of Mathematics (3)
MA305  Statistics II (3)
MA308  Calculus and Analytic Geometry III (5)
CSxxx  Any additional Computer Science course (3-4)
MA318 Matrices & Lin Algebra (3) if not used above

Professional Education Requirements (42-43 Hours)

ED101  Foundations of Education (2)
ED102  Field Experience I (1)
ED105  Field Experience II (0-1)
ED122  Educational Technology (2)

ED313  Classroom Behavior Management (3)
ED350  Education Methodology (2)
ED370MA Methods of Teaching Mathematics (3)
ED453  Education as a Profession (3)
ED454  Student Teaching Seminar (2)
ED462  Supervised Student Teaching (Capstone) (10)
ED470  Instruction Int. For Students with Reading Deficits (3)
ED471  Teaching Reading in the Content Area (3)
PY210  Educational Psychology (3) if not taken in the Gen. Ed. Req.

PY223  Developmental Psychology (3) if not taken in the Gen. Ed. Req.

PY342  Psychology of the Exceptional Child (2)
PY343  Psychology of the Exceptional Child Practicum (1) 

Electives to complete min. 120 hours

Last updated: 08/07/2023