Supervised Student Teaching

The purpose of this experience is to first observe and then apply professional knowledge and skills in concert with a professional educator. The student will gradually assume responsibilities for all classroom and school duties under the guidance of the classroom teacher and a university supervisor. This course includes 12 to 16 weeks of clinical experiences. (Student teachers in vocal and instrumental music earn 8 hours and complete a minimum of 12 weeks; everyone else earns 10 hours and completes a minimum of 16 weeks.) Students must earn the qualifying score on the MEES (Missouri Educator Evaluation System) in order to earn a C or better in this course. Students may choose to accept a D grade but will not be recommended for certification without the appropriate MEES score and a C or better in ED462. Students who do not earn the qualifying MEES score may also choose to accept an incomplete grade and work with their university supervisor and the Director of Teacher Education on what improvements must be made to increase their score to the passing level. This course can only be repeated with the permission of the Director of Teacher Education.


  • ED370 - Teaching Methods in the Content Area
  • ED453 - Education as a Profession

Additional Prerequisites / Conditions: Students must also meet the required MoGEA or ACT score (or approved appeal), passing score on state qualifying exam for certification in student’s area of study (or approved appeal), qualifying GPA as determined by the MO Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Director of Teacher.

Last updated: 08/07/2023