CMU Prefix Courses

The First-Year Program: At CMU we take special care to make sure that first year students adjust successfully to university life at Central Methodist University. Helping students make the crucial transition from high school to college is the focus of our First-Year Program. In addition to orientation activities, the academic part of the First-Year Program consists of CMU110. CMU 110 explores the issues of campus orientation, academic success, and orientation to the major.  By devoting extra effort to these details, we are carrying out the campus mission. CMU fosters a diverse and caring community, empowering students to become lifelong learners, committed to academic excellence, prepared to engage in a complex world. 

Introduction to Leadership: In conjunction with CMU's mission of preparing students to "engage in a complex world"  students may enroll in CMU201 Introduction to Leadership. This interdisciplinary course provides an introduction to leadership principles and theories using a combination of case studies, historical perspectives, and personal experience with effective leaders. By the end of the course, students should understand individual and group leadership issues and be able to identify personal leadership qualities to apply in their lives.

Study Strategies for Successful College Students: This course will help students develop the skills and strategies to be successful students who are responsible for their own college learning experience.

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