BA or BS in Biology with Certification

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
Biology Major with Certification - Min. 120 Hours

General Education Requirements: 40-43 hours

Additional University Requirements: 6 hours

For more information, see the General Education Requirements section of the catalog.

Biology Major:  30-40 hours

Required Biology Courses:

BI101 General Biology I (3) and BI101L (1) if not taken in the Gen. Ed. Req.

BI102 General Biology II (3) and BI102L (1) if not taken in the Gen. Ed. Req.

BI108 Biodiversity (3) and BI108L (1)
SC225 Interdisciplinary Science Seminar (1)
SC382 History & Philosophy of Science (3) 

Additional Hours in Science Including:
CH111 General Chemistry (3) and CH111L (1)
PH111 General Physics I (3) and PH111L (1)
SC103 Meteorology (3) or GL105 Exploring Geology (4) and GL105L (1)
BI301 Ecology (3) and BI301L (1) or BI311 Conservation Biology & Natural Resource Management (3)  

Eight (8) hours from the following:

BI204 Human Anatomy (4) and BI204L (1)
BI205 General Physiology(4) and BI205L(1)
BI206 Invertebrate Zoology/Parasitology (3) and BI206L (1)
BI300 Ornithology (3) and BI300L (1)
BI301 Ecology (3) and BI301L (1)
BI302 Botany (2) and BI302L (1)
BI304 Mammalogy (3) and BI304L (1)
BI305 Microbiology (3) and BI305L (1)
BI306 Genetics (3) and BI306L (1)
BI307 Comparative Animal Behavior (3) and BI307L (1)
BI309 Histology (2) and BI309L (2)
BI311 Conservation Biology (3)
BI315 Immunology (3) 

Professional Education Requirements (42-43 Hours)

ED101 Foundations of Education (2)
ED102 Field Experience I (1)
ED105 Field Experience II (0-1)
ED122 Educational Technology (2)
ED313 Classroom Behavior Management (3)
ED350 Education Methodology (2)
ED370SC The Teaching of Science in High School (3)
ED453 Education as a Profession (2)
ED454 Student Teaching Seminar (2)

ED462 Supervised Student Teaching (Capstone) (10)
ED470 Instruction Int. For Students with Reading Deficits (3)
ED471 Teaching Reading in the Content Area (3)
PY210 Educational Psychology (3) if not taken in the Gen. Ed. Req.
PY223 Developmental Psychology (3) if not taken in the Gen. Ed. Req..
PY342 Psychology of the Exceptional Child (2)
PY343 Psychology of the Exceptional Child Practicum (1) 

Electives (To Complete Min. 120 Hours)

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