English Minor

English Minor - 18 Hours

One (1) course in Literature survey chosen from the following:                                      

EN323    American Literature I (3)
EN324    American Literature II (3)
EN340    British Literature I (3)
EN342    British Literature II (3)                                                                                                            

Five (5) courses chosen from the following or from the courses remaining above, with a minimum of one (1) course at the 300-level:
EN211     Grammar for Educators (3)
EN212     Introduction to Cinema (3)
EN216     Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
EN224     Topics/Movements in Literature (3)
EN236     Young Adult Literature (3)
EN238     Comics and Graphic Novels (3)  
EN312     English Language and Linguistics (3)
EN320     Inscape: Literary Magazine Editing (3)
EN334     Major Authors in Literature (3)
EN335     Shakespeare (3) EN340    
EN348     Advanced Literary Studies (3)
EN350     Topics in Writing (3)
EN409     Writing Research and Pedagogy (3)  
EN420     Advanced Literary Magazine Editing (3)
Last updated: 08/07/2023