Inscape Advanced Literary Magazine Editing and Publication

This course is an advanced course in literary magazine publication and editing. Students will focus on the craft of editing by reading essays from current literary magazine editors and by looking at examples of author-to-editor correspondences. Students will also discuss and engage in the craft of literary magazine publication by acting in editorial roles for Inscape. To prepare the magazine for publication, students will establish a publication-staff hierarchy consisting of first-readers, genre editors, and assistant editors. Over the course of the semester, students will establish deadlines, develop specific criteria for the selection process, work with the publisher, market and promote the magazine, engage in a robust social media campaign, as well as work with authors of creative work throughout the revising and editing process. Students will produce weekly reflections over their work, create a collaborative manual for future editors, and provide the Inscape staff with weekly tasks to ensure an efficient publication timeline. Offered: Spring.

Credit hours: 3.0


  • EN320 - Inscape Literary Magazine Editing and Publishing

Additional Prerequisites / Conditions:

Last updated: 08/03/2022